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High Speed Quilting Embroidery Machine YBD166
Product picture
High Speed quilting embroide machine YBD166

High Speed Quilting Embroidery Machine

Product Video:
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Products YBD166 High Speed Quilting Embroidery Machine
N/C/H 66 Needles,1 color
Needle Distance 50.8mm
X Area 250mm
Stitch Distance 1mm--12.7mm
Needle Type 9#--16#
Working Width 3302mm
Speed 650R.P.M--900R.P.M
Power Supply AC220/380V;2&3Phases;50Hz
Machine Size L5000*W1300*H1650(mm)
Packing Size L5400*W2000*H1950(mm)

Functions / Specifications
● Quilting and Embroidery completed simultaneously.
● Driving by roller system without frame.
● Keep fabric smooth by Tensile Motor at the inlet and outlet fabrics.
● Keep embroidery  precision by Servo driving at x/y axis.
● Auto-trimming system(optional).
● Auto-stopping function once thread broken.
● Auto-return for patch-up embroidery function.
● Easy head selection for quilting function.
● Continuosly quilting independent patterns function.
● Tajima、Barudan、ZSK and SWF formats are readable.
● Unique mechanical structure can diminish self-vibration and noises.
● Various materials are available for embroidery.
● Prepared some quilting embroidery patterns for your choice.

Product features
High Speed Quilting Embroidery Machine YBD166

Cloth feeding diagram for YBD166
Cloth feeding diagram for YBD168

Current models comparison
Products 当前型号 YBD166 YBD164 YBD150
N/C/H 66Needles,1 color 64 Needles,1 color 50 Needles,1 color
Needle istance 50.8mm 50.8mm 67.5mm
X Area 250mm 250mm 250mm
Stitch Distance 1mm-12.7mm 1mm-12.7mm 1mm-12.7mm
Needle Type 9#-16# 9#-16# 9#-16#
Working Width 3302mm 1473×2mm 3307mm
Speed 650-900R.P.M 650-900R.P.M 650-900R.P.M
Power Supply AC220/380;50HZ AC220/380;50HZ AC220/380;50HZ
Machine Size L5000*W1300*H1650(mm) L5470*W1300*H1650(mm) L5000*W1300*H1650(mm)
Packing Size L5400*W2000*H1950(mm) L5720*W2000*H1950(mm) L5400*W2000*H1950(mm)