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The main features of the Quilting Embroidery Machine

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As people's standard of living has improved, so have their requirements for quilting equipment. Both the old hand quilting techniques and the old mechanical quilting machines were inefficient and time consuming. Today, technology is constantly evolving and the range of quilting machines is gradually becoming more and more varied. Users of quilting machines are beginning to look at more realistic prices, designs, positioning and whether the product can make quilting more efficient. Today we would like to introduce the Quilting Embroidery Machine, which many people do not know what it is. In this article we will give a brief introduction and analysis of the Quilting Embroidery Machine by introducing its functions and features.

Quilting Embroidery Machine

What is the Quilting Embroidery Machine?

The main features of the Quilting Embroidery Machine

What is the Quilting Embroidery Machine?

Quilting and embroidery are common techniques used by textile and garment companies, but as consumers demand more technology and design, many companies, especially exporters, want to find a machine that can quilt and embroider at the same time. In response to this demand, the Quilting Embroidery Machine was invented, a quilting machine specifically designed for quilting various embroidery patterns. In terms of functional structure, the Quilting Embroidery Machine has a precision spline drive for the spindle and a linear guide for the head movement, resulting in high precision movement and low noise levels, which not only work efficiently but also create a good working environment for the people around.

The main functions of the Quilting Embroidery Machine

Automatic browsing function

The Quilting Embroidery Machine has a pattern viewing function. When using the Quilting Embroidery Machine, it automatically recognises a wide range of pattern formats and can rotate and mirror pattern graphics.

Flash function

The Quilting Embroidery Machine also uses a new industrial motherboard and the system can be booted from a USB flash drive to run programs or restore the control system.

These are the main features of the Quilting Embroidery Machine. The Quilting Embroidery Machine is an excellent solution to the problem that traditional quilting machines cannot embroider.

High precision

The Quilting Embroidery Machine works with great precision. Controlled by a precise computer system, the Quilting Embroidery Machine is able to perfectly handle all kinds of complex patterns prepared on the entire coordinate system. The frame shifting function is achieved by driving servo motors on the X and Y axes.

The Quilting Embroidery Machine not only has the existing functions of both a quilting machine and an embroidery machine, but also features flat and clear stitches, high embroidery precision, significantly higher draft, fast running speed, high output and less skipped stitches, which play an important role in the textile industry. This is all about the Quilting Embroidery Machine. With the above information, do you have a better understanding of the Quilting Embroidery Machine?EBD Industrial Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise that integrates product development, production, sales and service. We are a modern and growing company with a focus on "environmental protection and low carbon products". We always focus on customer needs and provide quality services. We are pragmatic and pragmatic, pursuing a strong sense of corporate vitality and social responsibility. If you would like to know more about Quilting Machines, please follow our company.


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