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How do you do edge to edge quilting on an embroidery machine

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Understanding Edge to Edge Quilting

Edge to edge quilting, a popular technique among quilters, involves stitching a continuous design over the entire surface of a quilt, from one edge to the other. This method is not only efficient but also creates a beautiful, cohesive pattern that enhances the quilt’s aesthetic appeal. Traditionally, this technique required a long-arm quilting machine and considerable skill. However, with advancements in technology, quilters can now achieve edge to edge quilting using a quilting embroidery machine. This method allows for consistent, repeatable patterns, making it a favorite for both beginners and seasoned quilters.

Setting Up Your Quilting Embroidery Machine

Before embarking on your quilting journey, it’s crucial to set up your quilting embroidery machine correctly. Begin by ensuring your machine is clean and in good working order. Attach the quilting hoop and select the appropriate needle and thread. For edge to edge quilting, a larger hoop size is preferable as it reduces the number of re-hoopings required. Additionally, choose a thread color that complements your fabric to enhance the design’s visibility and appeal. It's also important to adjust your machine's tension settings according to the thread and fabric you're using to ensure smooth, even stitches.

Choosing Your Design

The design selection is a critical step in edge to edge quilting. When choosing a design for your quilt, consider the scale and complexity of the pattern in relation to the size of your quilt. Simple, repetitive patterns work best for edge to edge quilting as they create a uniform look and feel across the quilt. Many quilting embroidery machines come with pre-programmed designs suitable for edge to edge quilting. Alternatively, you can purchase and download designs online. Ensure the design is compatible with your machine’s format and fits within the hoop size.

Executing Edge to Edge Quilting

Executing edge to edge quilting on an embroidery machine involves several key steps. First, position your quilt in the hoop, ensuring it is taut and secure. Start with the quilt’s center and work your way outwards to maintain pattern alignment. Depending on your machine's capabilities, you may be able to align and connect designs seamlessly with built-in functions. If your machine lacks this feature, carefully align each design manually, ensuring continuity and precision across the quilt.

Begin quilting by starting your embroidery machine. Monitor the stitching process closely, especially at design intersections, to ensure alignment and tension remain consistent. It's crucial to maintain a consistent pace and not rush the process, allowing the machine to accurately stitch the design.

As you complete each section, move the hoop to the next area, ensuring the design aligns with the previously quilted section. This process requires patience and precision but results in a beautifully quilted fabric with a professional finish.


Edge to edge quilting on an embroidery machine opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing quilters to produce intricate designs with ease. By understanding the basics, setting up your machine correctly, choosing the right design, and executing the quilting process with care, you can achieve stunning quilts that showcase your skills and creativity. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced quilter, edge to edge quilting with an embroidery machine is a rewarding technique that enhances the beauty and value of your quilting projects.

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